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About Huang Handi
About Huang Handi
Because a love,A persistent,Achievement life's dream and pursuit!

  Huang Handi,Male,In the seventy s was born in longquan celadon inheritance treasure creek,Have been the celadon art edification,Love of celadon from simple to deep and even。Become attached to celadon development of 20 years,Year after year、Day after day the real work,Produced a stable、Silence、Natural and graceful magnanimous temperament。On the basis of the traditional methods,Elder brother、Brother kiln artistic features of celadon innovation works,A bigger breakthrough in art and technology;Image、Lifelike portrait and animal modelling is rich,Well received a connoisseur and celadon lovers,In the review competition at all levels,Their achievements。

  Because a love,A persistent,Achievement life's dream and pursuit,2011Founded in the Kowloon celadon co., LTD,Lead the team is committed to the innovation of the celadon art and promotion,Further study of celadon production of all kinds of craft techniques,Products from craft to glaze has a unique style,Category involving modern and antique、The animals、The vase、Hang dish、Tea sets、Four appliance and so on,Has a very high ornamental value and collection value。

About us
About the Kowloon
  Longquan celadon, Kowloon co., LTDIs a company specializing in the production of celadon porcelain and artistic porcelain manufacture enterprise,The products are:Celadon dishes、Tea sets、Stationery、Car decoration pendant、There are products and other series products,As well as artistic porcelain and modern ceramic art。At present has strong production capacity,Products are exported to many countries and regions。In order to“Han brother celadon”Remember for the product is rich in artistic porcelain varieties,Well made;In order to“Love celadon、Love life”The creation of the idea,The pursuit of celadon“From nature,Mail in character”。Apply for a number of product appearance patent product,Kowloon celadon is home furnishings、Gifts、Business celebration、Enjoy the collection of the market。
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