2-Adamantane ketone
  1,3-Dibromo adamantane
  2-Ethyl-2-Adamantane alcohol
  1-Adamantane alcohol
  1-Bromine kims just alkanes
  2-Bromine kims just alkanes
  2-Methyl groups-2-Adamantane alcohol
  2-Adamantane alcohol
  1,3-Glycol adamantane
  1-Amino adamantane
  2-A harvard study-4-Pyrimidine
  2-Chlorobenzene and imidazole
  1-(4-Fluorine benzyl)-2-Chlorobenzene and imidazole
  3,4-Benzene and-12The champions league-4-Benzoic acid ethyl ester
 4,5-Benzene and-12The champions league-2-The nitro-Benzoic acid ethyl ester
  For benzyl chloride benzyl oxygen radicals
  2,4-2 hydroxy benzaldehyde
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